#Potfs4Women:The Keneeka Jenkins case is finally solved and you will never believe who is involved, and proof it was a setup up from the start [The Keneeka Deception]

The video says it all, when the video begins, and you see the Fake [thick] Keneeka, that is actually the end of that fake live video right before she is about to go in the hall and act drunk, and wander down stairs playing Keneeka, because the real Keneeka was already dead I believe. So to cover their tracks, they dressed another girl in her clothes sneakers and evern painted her nails in the bathroom to match Keneekas.

The worse part is the middle of the video you will see Keneeka lean over then say “What is in this” indicating she felt the drug hitting her, we believe she fell out right after that, the music stopped, and he dude lied and said it was the manager it was not it was Keneeka unconscious.

They take her to the bathroom strip her, dress the girl and every one gets back in the position they were in before the music stopped, with no Keneeka though the fake girl is standin in her spot and covering her face. Look at Keneeka friends all in the same spot playing it off liek it Keneeka, when it is the fake about to g in th ehallway and act like Keneeka.

While she was doing that they were preparing to place Keneekas body in the Freezer, which they did, and they used the Fake Keneeka, to Walk in the same step of the guys that carried Keneeka, so when they switch the video they can keep the time stamps the same, knowig they editied out them carrying Keneeka.

Every video we see of Keneka walking is fake except the first one when she walks pass the desk with her friends the rest are cover up fakes, created by the peopel at the party, with a Fake Keneeka.

As soon has Keneeka loss consciousness they took her Phone, and her Car keys. They lied about her forgetting it then them all going inside to get them then she disappeared all a lie.

Keneeeka was in that room until they placed her in the freezer, and her friends are helping cover it up.

Remember the police statemnt Monifa made, that she dared every one to go in the freezer, like I guess a lie, to cover up the fact, the fake Keneeka, was in the kitchen acting like her, and they would all have alibi’s for being in the kitchen like I said, they all can say they were doing the dare. Only thing Keneeka never diid the dare, they placed her in the freeser and left and act like they never saw her after the fake story they left her in the hall.

Fact you dont see two girls in the party with ripped denim suits, at the same time, because Keneeka was the only one in one, until they stripped her and gave her clothes to the fake.