Sub Kon Chest Community:Eye Empress Skhemet (Latausha Nedd youtuber)


Umbrella corp:S.K.C.A. Lie Empress:

Let me start this off by saying I could not locate the video they did, claiming it was for a movie, and not threats over the internet. Then she turned around and said it was directed at people threatening her. To change the subject if you look close in the video you can see a young man that resembles, Eric Sheppard. Now you probably ask so what if Eric Sheppard is present at this event. It is no big deal, just a coincidence, that two prominent voices in the community, who both got locked up for non criminal offenses but since they dont know what states, are they are both in jeopardy of doing some time.

Now think they both got open cases, and both are still acting active in the community, now keep in mind, he went kn the run and was hunted down.

She cried, and said she was acting and claims, it was directed at certain individuals.

Keep in mind she got some type of abusing a minor, and it was not her daughter. She was beating some ones else’s daughter, Some one that, felt compelled to press charges against her.

Again this is not slander, the United States is a agency, not a government or place, so by default all of its citizens are agents, is she a citizen? Yes, Is Eric Sheppard a citizen? Yes They are both agents #facts

The moral to this article is Eye Empress Nor Eric will ever explain to their people what states and cities really, are simply because they have already, succumbed to it.

There is a part of this lecture where Latasha says the solution and admits, that it is un-obtainable at this time, nor do I see them going towards the direction of it.


Clayton County and Georgia are foreign company names not places #fact, she don’t know who or where she is.

Full Lecture Keep in mind Red Pill was arrested and has a open case to we believe, from 2015 as well…….

S.ub K.on C.hest C.ommunity A.gents. keep following them as they tell you it is Racism, and distract you from the fact, U.S. citizens are foreign corporate agents, not American people. So keep llying like you know you from Africa, they will send your remains there, or at least half of them.

Red Pill And Empress Sekhmet Speaks On The Police…:

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