Sub Kon Chest community:Secured Party creditor scheme

Umbrella corp|Sub Kon Chest Community agents
He said put $10,000,000,000.00
Surprisingly this series suddenly ended here I wonder why.

I explained why in #potfsradio4women

Planet Of The fakes

#potfs4women Status Correction Scams, and Declaration of Nationality Schemes

How to get put on a home grown terorrist secret watch list and Endanger every one around you, and every one you may have encountered in life. FAKE STATUS CORRECTION SCAMS AND DECLARATIONS OF NATIONALITY SCHEMES… more

Any way

Based on my knowledge what he says and claims to have done got him violated or arrested.

Because again, he is using an assumed identity.

Notice he mentions the U.S. is a company, but continue to refer to it as a Government.
Demonstrating he believes foreign companies are his government.

But why?

Because all he got is some documents, he was given…..and he believe it is him.

Again what happens when you don’t know what a state or city is..

Check it, he mr research, ask your self if the a company what is a single state?

Then ask your self who is touring the states?

Doing what?
For who?

Also the fact he was on parole, he automatically got violated, or he got off…….I don’t keep up with him.

But if he got off where’s that video

And why not teach that to the brothers on. Parole?

I know the answer……….

Traitors don’t…….


Redemption / Strawman / Bond Fraud

Proponents of this scheme claim that the U.S. government or the Treasury Department control bank accounts—often referred to as “U.S. Treasury Direct Accounts”—for all U.S. citizens that can be accessed by submitting paperwork with state and federal authorities. Individuals promoting this scam frequently cite various discredited legal theories and may refer to the scheme as “Redemption,” “Strawman,” or “Acceptance for Value.” Trainers and websites will often charge large fees for “kits” that teach individuals how to perpetrate this scheme. They will often imply that others have had great success in discharging debt and purchasing merchandise such as cars and homes. Failures to implement the scheme successfully are attributed to individuals not following instructions in a specific order or not filing paperwork at correct times.

This scheme predominately uses fraudulent financial documents that appear to be legitimate. These documents are frequently referred to as “bills of exchange,” “promissory bonds,” “indemnity bonds,” “offset bonds,” “sight drafts,” or “comptrollers warrants.” In addition, other official documents are used outside of their intended purpose, like IRS forms 1099, 1099-OID, and 8300. This scheme frequently intermingles legal and pseudo legal terminology in order to appear lawful. Notaries may be used in an attempt to make the fraud appear legitimate. Often, victims of the scheme are instructed to address their paperwork to the Secretary of the Treasury.

Tips for Avoiding Redemption/Strawman/Bond Fraud:

Be wary of individuals or groups selling kits that they claim will inform you how to access secret bank accounts.
Be wary of individuals or groups proclaiming that paying federal and/or state income tax is not necessary.
Do not believe that the U.S. Treasury controls bank accounts for all citizens.
Be skeptical of individuals advocating that speeding tickets, summons, bills, tax notifications, or similar documents can be resolved by writing “acceptance for value” on them.
If you know of anyone advocating the use of property liens to coerce acceptance of this scheme, contact your local FBI office.

Dont be like him, he either got arrested, or is going to be arrested…….
He no longer mentions this, he is talking about aliens, and calling females Gods.
Dont follow guys like this, they keep you distracted from learning what states and cities really are, not places or a government…….
Listen to what he is saying did you parents have to do this to have rights, and not be violated?
So why would you is this Black peoples solution?
Why is it secret, and why is he so silent about now?
learn what states are here