GH Instant Wake Up Package #1; 4 videos (over 12hrs) 2 ebooks Rules for citizens, and challenging authority.


Instant Wake Up Package #1 4 videos(over 12hrs) 2 ebooks Rules for citizens, and challenging authority. by GLOBAL HERO

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If you have currently determined, what you previously believed to be a place is in all actuality a corporation or body politic, municipality, artificial person etc… We have personally gather a cram session information pack we called, GH Global Hero’s information package. We all are Hero’s therefore your number one priority should be saving and maintaining your world. Start by having the true purpose and intent of the current corporate society……….. [meaning it only exist on paper, not tangible, non existence], a creation of the minds, of Men and Women.

4. videos explaining what is going on and how to maintain in todays society [corporate states] , 7 hr video lecture on language, to have a better understanding, of why people are speaking a foreign langauge every day.

2. Ebooks The official rules for citizens to follow, to identify the correct government and government acts. Language translation video

It will take probably about a week to finish every thing, but it will be the best $9.99 you ever spent. Again these are the video that explain what has happened and whats going on. Dont get distracted with religious fanatics, luring you into religion based on what you don’t understand, it is not necessary to joining a foreign nation in order to have rights, and stop, what others are attempting, to get away with on you. This is one of a series of collections coming, time is not on our side, you don’t have 2 or 3 years, to make these discoveries on your own.

——————————————————- Instructional videos learn what Districts, States, and Cities, are, and how the y transact with you and how you transact with them. Explore jurisdictions



GH Global Hero’s wake up videos

Over 6 years, personally researched useful information on their society

Wake up video #1 1hr 44 minutes understanding society

Wake up video #2 50 minutes understanding whats destroying society

Wake up video #3 1hr 55 minutes understanding who’s society it is.

Wake up video #4 9hrs 31 minutes understanding the societies dialect ———————————————————

Instructional Booklets Learn the duties of citizens, and the duty of civil servants and the responsibility of juries.


survival2Citizens Rule Book

Is a handbook written to educate American citizens regarding their rights and responsibilities. It is a compilation of quotes from founders of the United States of America and select government documents, including information on the rights of a jury to “nullify bad law” and acquit people on trial.[1] The author of the Rule Book says that jurors have the right to nullify a trial if the law is unconstitutional or is being used in an unconstitutional manner. Originally published anonymously, the Citizens Rule Book is now known to have been written by Charles R. Olsen, a World War II Marine veteran and printer from Boston.[2] It is distributed by the Fully Informed Jury Association, among other groups.[3]


Instructional Booklets Learn:WHAT IS AND WHAT IS NOT AUTHORITY wake 3

Real lies ebook

You have the choice to take on board what we are trying to say to you, for the benefit …… Read “So they say you‘ve broken the law” challenging legal authority ———————————————————

Disclaimer:We are not selling you any information, we are simply charging you a fee of your portion of the research and time it took to gather credible accurate information [all researchable and verifiable]. With your purchase gain access to member areas with like minds doing like things learning and prospering together, towards a common goal remaining FREE.

Again this information is free, you are simply being required to pay your portion of the search fee, this is the most accurate they have online after this you will have to watch no more video, you won’t be using terms like Strawman, etc…… no need for U.C.C.’s but it still may be a option for some, but you are sure to have a better understanding of your role as a Man or Woman. This is a True awakening all in one place.

Instant Wake Up Package #2